Monday, February 7, 2011

Guild of Professional Photographers of the Delaware Valley, End of Year Image Competition.

Score 80, Blue Ribbon, "Mountain Fresh" Division: Creative Salon. Waterfall near Queeche, VT.

Score 79, Red Ribbon. Division: Creative Salon. In this photo is a covered bridge near Woodstock, VT.

Score 78, Red Ribbon, "Boys of Fall" Division: Portrait of a male. In this photo Tyler Smith, Steinert Football 2010-11, High School Senior Photograph.

Score 78, Red Ribbon, "Yeah!" Division: Creative Salon. In photo Kevin Nowak after scoring 4 in a row within a couple of min.

Score 79, Red Ribbon, "Blue Moon" Division: Creative Salon. Photo taken at Point Plesant, NJ during the fall "blue moon" in 2010.

Score 80, Blue Ribbon, "Surf's Up" Division: Creative Salon. In this photo Shane Capone at Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ during a fall after hurricane swell.

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